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Who we are:

Karen and Courtney are 2 Essential Girls and we have been best friends since 2001. We started 2 Essential Girls about a year ago, getting rave reviews from our friends after making items to give them as gifts. We use only high quality oils in our products along with all natural ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter.

       Our personal health and wellness and the health of our families is really important to us. The search for wellness has led us to essential oils and a world of good. Little by little we are getting rid of the toxins in our homes, and improving our skin in the process.

Karen is pictured above showing off some of our products.

See below for our upcoming events, and come visit us. Mention that you saw this tag line on our website and get 10% off any product.


Upcoming Events

Around Newark DE

Visit us at these events and bring your empty 2 Essential Girls bottles back and we will refill them for a $1.00 discount





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